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Room information - Accommodation - East London - South Africa

If you would like to book a specific room, please browse around this page and the next few pages. We have tried to incorporate as much information as possible to ensure that your visit to East London is enjoyable and your accommodation is comfortable.

Disclaimer: Clients needs vary and we have to manage the booking schedule quite carefully to avoid double booking or any clashes. Understandably, we’d also like to optimise our booking calendar in the most efficient manner possible while meeting the needs of every guest as best as possible. We are not able to guarantee a specific room therefore but do undertake to do our best.


Room 1: A studio style apartment with it’s own, fully fitted kitchenette and a full en-suite bathroom with both a shower and a bath. This room is spacious and well fitted. A private seating and dining area, large wardrobes and a full sized sliding door which leads onto the pool deck; garden and small koi pond.

Room 2: This room is slightly smaller than our other rooms, but nevertheless well sized. Room 2 is fitted with a queen-sized bed; an en-suite bathroom (shower only); small desk; refreshment area. There are also large sliding doors leading onto the pool deck and garden. There is a small corridor with two doors connecting this to room 1 to use as a family suite when required.

Room 3: One could argue that this is our nicest room. The room has a built in gas fire, a small lounge and all the rest. Artisticly and stylishly decorated, this room will appeal to the most discerning of customers.

Room 4: Similar to room 3, room 4 is well appointed and would compare favourable with some of the best accommodation establishments in South Africa. Both have en-suite bathrooms (shower only). All our rooms have examples of fine art; wild-life photography and are newly finished in a classical and elegant style.

Room 5: This room is exactly the same as rooms 4 & 5 save that it does have a bath as well as a shower.  

Room 6: Newly added, this room does not have a front view but it has a wonderfully secluded and private patio. Room 6 is ideal for those who want to self-cater and is fitted with a ‘galley-kitchen’ and an out side gas braai.

Business and leisure accommodation in East London

Riverbend Guest House was designed by an architect. Her mandate was to ensure that guests, on arrival after a day of business or a day on the road, would immediately be able to soak up the magnificent environment. Words simply cannot describe this small piece of paradise atop the river banks. If you’re travelling on business or visiting East London as part of your holiday, Riverbend is an ideal location for you.

It is such a wonderful compliment and it gives me immense pleasure to see almost every guest taking a photograph away with them. To me this means they are taking a memory with them.                                                                                                Alan Hawkins