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Cancellation policy, Riverbend, East London

We do understand. Travel plans change, work commitments might demand that you re-schedule your trip or your family simply wants to go somewhere else. No problem, we are here to help you, not to make things difficult.

Understanding our side as well

If you book a room, but cancel well in advance, no problem, we will accept this. We are quite confident that we’ll find an alternative booking, if we don’t, this is not your problem this is ours.

However, if you leave this to the last minute and cancel perhaps the day before as an example, or simply don’t show up, we would have turned away numerous bookings and will therefore end up with an empty bed.

Cancellation options

We all have to find some fair and meaningful balance between these two positions, in such a way that this will be understood and fair to all concerned.

Payment requirements

We request that guests pay 50% of the invoice at the time of booking. This can either be done online through our secure payment option, via electronic funds transfer (internet banking) or by credit card.

Peak season payments

For all December/January bookings, special long weekends and busy sport-weekends, we ask for 100% payment in advance.

What if you cancel?

1. If you cancel any booking, provided this is not nearer than one week, or seven days from arrival, we will refund your deposit in full. As far as the abovementioned peak season goes, we require thirty days notice of cancellation for a guest to qualify for a full refund.

2. Should a cancellation be requested that is less than the abovementioned seven days but more than 48 hours from arrival, guests will forfeit their deposit but not be held responsible for the full amount due. In the case of peak season bookings, the same rule applies but the period becomes fourteen days instead of 48 hours.

3. No cancellations will be accepted after 48 hours before arrival in the case of normal bookings or fourteen days before arrival in the case of peak season bookings. Guest will be held accountable for the full amount of the booking.

Disclaimer: We reserve our right to change this policy as and when we deem necessary and to make indulgences as we deem fit without this being interpreted as a change in policy.

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