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Passionate about our East London environment

We are truly blessed to be living in a wonderful natural environment. In addition to the wonderful views, natural gardens and nearby beaches, Riverbend Guest House borders on the Nahoon Point Nature Reserve. We have taken it upon ourselves to make a commitment to preserving the natural beauty that surrounds us. We ask all our friends to make the same commitment.

Rain water

We have installed three storage tanks which collect harness rain water from our roof. The water is filtered and then stored in tanks which have a capacity of approximately 12 000 litres.

The water is pumped, via a pressure triggered pump, through two filters, and into our 250 lt. solar powered geyser.

In addition to the geyser, the rainwater is also used for topping up the swimming pool, to water most of the garden and for drinking purposes in the main house.

Solar Geyser

Our solar geyser supplies hot water to most of the rooms. Some of the rooms are unfortunately too far for efficient use, in this case, we have installed small 150 lt. geysers which operate on a time switch to reduce consumption.

The solar geyser supplies the main house, laundry and kitchen and approximately 60% of the rooms. In addition to the natural benefits and the reduction of our ‘footprint,’ the financial savings are well worth the investment. This is probably the most obvious first step toward saving our environment.

Above: Solar panels on our roof

Above: Inverters in the garage

Above: The installation of the panels

Generating power from the East London sun

This just makes so much sense! In East London, we enjoy one of the most moderate climates in the country. East London, with it’s mild winters and sunny summer days is, like many places in South Africa, an ideal environment to capture the economic and environmental benefits of a photovoltaic, grid-tied, electricity generating system.

While systems can be tailor made to suit any building, large or small, we opted for a system which generates an average of 40 kwh. per day throughout the year, this being approximately one-third of our daily requirements. In addition to the ‘feel-good’ factor, our calculations show that our investment will have paid for itself in approximately 5-7 years, after which the return is positively frightening!

Provided one is prepared to take the initial investment leap, the long term returns are indeed exceptional. One thing is for sure, the cost of municipal supply won’t be going down soon, and neither will their operating efficiencies improve over the short term. If you’d like to learn more about this, please send us an enquiry, we’d be happy to share our experiences and put you in touch with our suppliers operate on a national basis.

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