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Frequently asked questions, East London Accommodation

We will try and answer the frequently asked questions, if you do require any further information, please contact us and we will try and help you further.

Q1: Why do you discourage small children and the disabled? We have our own children and understand your needs. Our pool is unfortunately unfenced and the terrain on which the house is built make getting around extremely difficult for prams; wheelchairs and any mobility impaired person. We do however have a pool net and will try and accommodate you wherever possible.

Q2: What is your cancellation policy, do I get a refund if I cancel a booking? Please read here.

Q3: How can I pay? We accept all major credit cards; eft payment or cash. One can also book and pay using our online secure payment method. We require 50% deposit for all bookings and 100% deposit for bookings during peak season. Book here.

Q4: I don’t require breakfast, must I still pay for this? No, you can deduct R40 off any of the published rates if you choose not to have breakfast. We do however encourage you to enjoy our breakfast which is served on a lovely patio overlooking the sea and river. We will gladly prepare a breakfast-box for those heading off early. By arrangement.

Q5: You call yourselves a luxury establishment, why are you four-star instead of five? We have elected to remain a four-star. To become a five star requires that you offer a 24 hour room service and a full meal service. To keep staff on for this purpose would mean that we would have to increase our rates substantially. We feel that our overall quality, our rooms, location and décor do qualify us but that the prices for a four-star would not be acceptable to our valued guests.

Q6: Do I share facilities with the permanent residents of the house or other guests? NO, the Guest House and guest facilities are completely separate from the main house. Guests have a private access; a dedicated guest dining room and each room has it’s own en suite bathroom. See each room

Q7: Do you offer discounted accommodation? Yes, we do offer a discount for long term stays of five days or more and also extended stays of two weeks or more. We have set our prices at reasonable levels, lower than other establishments of the same level of luxury.

Q8: Are there tea and coffee facilities in the room? Yes, each room has a refreshments station and also a mini-fridge which we will stock on request. There is a fridge containg an assortment of beverages in the main guest dining room.

Q9: Are there braai/barbecue or self-catering facilities? Room 1 and room 6 are best suited for this. We also have a portable braai and will gladly set this up for you on request.