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Room information - Accommodation - East London - South Africa

If you would like to book a specific room, please browse around this page and the next few pages. We have tried to incorporate as much information as possible to ensure that your visit to East London is enjoyable and your accommodation is comfortable.

Disclaimer: Clients needs vary and we have to manage the booking schedule quite carefully to avoid double booking or any clashes. Understandably, we’d also like to optimise our booking calendar in the most efficient manner possible while meeting the needs of every guest as best as possible. We are not able to guarantee a specific room therefore but do undertake to do our best.


Whether you are visiting East London for business or holiday purposes, your hosts at Riverbend Guest House, Lynne and Alan Hawkins are able to accommodate almost all needs, from single or double, twin executive accommodation through to family accommodation, three, four or five members sharing a suite of two inter-leading rooms, all furnished to the highest standards with satellite TV; air-conditioning; private access and the many other features expected in an accommodation establishment of this nature.

In addition to the best sea and river views in East London, we offer our guests four-star accommodation in single or double air-conditioned rooms. Ideal for both business and leisure accommodation.

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What’s in a name - what is the difference between a guest house and a B&B or bed and breakfast?

Why is a Guest House different from a Bed and Breakfast. Booking accommodation at a Bed and Breakfast in the definition of the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA) does not guarantee that you have exclusive guest facilities, a guest might even end up sharing a lounge or a breakfast table with the host family, whereas when booking accommodation in a Guest House, there are certain assurances in this regard.

There are many accommodation establishments in and around East London. Our name, Riverbend, sendS a message that we are on or near a river, the “bend” part signifying a view and together, sending a message that we are situated in a wonderful natural location. Riverbend Guest House, the three words together therefore sending the message that we are an upmarket accommodation establishment, offering superior accommodation and located in a beautiful natural setting. This seemed quite simple, to promise something is easy, to deliver another. What better way was there to ensure we created an accommodation establishment that was able to deliver on this promise, it was simple, get at least two outside assessors. Before we opened for business, before we built our wen-site, we invited the Food and Beverage manager from our local Hotel to inspect; we invited the professional TGCSA assessor and an assessor form the well known Automobile Association, where advice was given we took it.   

We welcome all guests as friends and assure you we will endeavour, always, to live to this commitment  

Kind regards       Alan and Lynne


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