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We have selected a wide and interesting range of art and photographic works for the enjoyment of our guests. These include original paintings by a selection of artists in both oil and water. In addition to the original art, we have included a selection of wild life photographs taken by one of the owners, Alan Hawkins, and others. Some of the art is on sale, visitors are able to view these while staying with us but, if you are not planning a visit, and are interested in purchasing some of our art, please send along an enquiry.

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The mighty African Elephant is truly one of Africa’s most awesome beasts. The sheer power of his massive body is contrasted by his gentle and passive nature. The elephant will charge only when provoked or to protect his kin. They are curious animals and will often pass close by. Tread cautiously however and show him the respect which he surely deserves.  

The African Elephant

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South African wild life images - an Elephant trilogy

A water hole in the Etosha game reserve, Namibia