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A committed supporter of local East London business

We are proud of our commitment to support local business. This isn’t just talk - we actively seek out local suppliers of goods and services, from green grocers to plumbers. In addition to this we employ three local residents and sometimes more.

Why we should all support our local businesses

It is really tough to survive in the current economic climate for all of us. It will be even worse for the East London economy if businesses sourced all their goods and services from national or international suppliers rather than buying local when the option does exist.

When one purchases these goods and services locally, the benefit from this usually remains within the local economy and this in turn helps to create employment and generates income for our local municipal services.

If you are like me you are now thinking how bad our municipality is, the awful state of our local roads, the ineffectual attempts by our city fathers and business groups to do anything meaningful about our mess we call a beachfront but hey…buying outside of the Eastern Cape will compound the problem rather than improve the many issues needing attention.

Give local business the option to quote

No one expects anyone to pay more or to put up with an inferior service. All we are saying is that local suppliers should at the very least be given an opportunity to quote for the supply. Once this has happened, one must verify the quality and reliability of the service offered and, when all is equal or better, shop as close to your home or business operation as possible.

Some of our preferred local businesses are:

Aqua-tech plumbers

Trevor Liddiard electrician

Deere Decorators

Compusys for computer services

The Fridge Foods Group

The East London Coffee Company

Kitchen Trend for furniture and fittings

Bed Time in Devereaux Avenue

HTS Air Conditioning