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Travel warning - Eastern Cape - East London - South Africa

Here is a little advice and some words of caution when travelling in South Africa. This is primarily intended for international or foreign visitors but that said, the same rules apply when travelling in any big city in the world and also to our South African travellers.

Use a map

Take advice from your accommodation hosts and other information centres about directions and other travel information.

One should really try and avoid getting lost. There are areas in most cities which are best avoided. This applies more particularly at night. This can be avoided by using the many maps services which are available to the modern traveller.

Use TGCSA graded establishments

Most of our accommodation establishments are graded by the TGCSA (The Tourism Grading Council of South Africa). These range from 1-5 stars with three stars being described as comfortable and well appointed. Four-star would be described as superior accommodation with everything and more than you would expect in an upmarket establishment, five star of course being better still. Unless you’re on a very strict budget, we advise visitors to South Africa to firstly select from the many graded establishments and secondly to select between three and five stars. These are generally located in safe areas and will most likely have excellent security measures and will be able to cope with any emergencies.


Avoid carrying valuable items

These serve as an attractive opportunity to thieves and opportunists. Public places such as airports, rail stations and popular tourist sites are the gathering areas for pick-pockets and other opportunists. Cameras, mobile phones, wallets and other valuable items will always be attractive so please keep these secure, do not leave them lying around and be conscious that someone is watching you at all times just hoping for a moment of carelessness.


Contrary to what the newspaper headlines suggest, the South African Police Services are efficient and respond quickly. There might indeed be political issues in the leadership group but as far as our satellite stations go, we have experienced nothing but good service, thank you to all the hard working police staff out there.

South African roads

South Africa national roads, marked as N1; N2; N3; N4 and so on, are generally in excellent condition. Outside the towns and cities, the speed limit is always clearly demarcated and this varies between 80-120 kph. A few of the roads do have some pothole problems, drive carefully as the potholes can cause punctures and rim damage. The major routes are well marked and road maps can be purchased and most fuel stations and stationery shops. In SA we drive on the left hand side of the road and our city speed limits are generally 60 kph.

We suggest that visitors avoid travelling between cities and taking long road trips at night. Wild animals such as antelope and domestic animals such as sheep and cows are difficult to spot at high speed and you would hate to spoil a wonderful South African holiday due to an accident.

After dark

Night time is crime time. Talk to your accommodation hosts about where to go and where to visit after dark. Most of all, avoid quiet and lonely places and do not go for romantic walks on a lonely beach at 2 in the morning. This is asking for trouble. No, South Africa is no more dangerous than anywhere else in the world in the writers opinion, being careful is clever and taking risks while travelling to placed that you are not familiar with

Don’t be alarmed when visiting South Africa

South Africa, the Eastern Cape Province and East London are as safe as anywhere else. Our tourism services are very sophisticated and the infrastructure is strong. This page is not intended to alarm visitors but rather to encourage you to exercise caution while visiting us or any international destination.

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